Minor League Rules  

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Biggest differences between Coach Pitch and Minor League:

Bigger infield. Base paths are 55ft compared to 50ft.

Kids will pitch against the entire lineup once, then the coach will pitch the remainder of the game. Coach will also pitch after two batters are walked in consecutive order and then the 3rd batter gets 4 balls.

You can strike out. The Tee will not be used....But, you can also walk after 4 balls pitched by a kid.

There is not the “7th batter” rule...but a “5 point” rule. For example, your team starts to bat and you’re losing 8-6. As long as they don’t get 3 outs on you, you can bat until you take a 5 point lead 13-8.

Similarities with Coach Pitch and Minor League:

All players can play the field at the same time with any number of players in the outfield.

All players are in the batting rotation.

Base running strategy is the same. The fielders will try to make the out or get the ball back to pitcher’s circle.